Airscream – Airspops (0.4ohm) Pen Coils

Airscream – Airspops (0.4ohm) Pen Coils

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Replacement Coils 4-Pack for the Airscream bottle. and AirsPops Pen Device

The Airscream  provides the optimum vaping experience with three coil resistance options: 0.4 Ohm, 0.6 Ohm or 1.0 Ohm. Each coil is specially designed to be used with the Airscream bottle. Device as well as the Airscream AirsPops Pen Device and delivers a truly tailored experience.

Pick Up the Replacement Tanks/Pods to go with your Coils

The Airscream bottle. Device has replacements for the Coils in three resistance options, as well as the Refillable Tank, also known as the Airscream Bottle. Refillable Pod.

The Airscream AirsPops Pen Device is compatible with its own Refillable Tank, also known as the AirsPops Pen Refillable Pods.

Choosing the Right Resistance/Ohmage for your Coil

0.6 Ohm Airscream bottle. and Pen Coil

  • Higher vapor production
  • Enhanced flavor
  • Ideal for low-nicotine, high VG e-liquids
  • Suited for direct-to-lung (DTL) inhalation

1.0 Ohm Airscream bottle. and Pen Coil

  • Tighter draw, less vapor
  • Mimics traditional cigarette smoking
  • Best with high-nicotine, high PG e-liquids
  • Discreet, mouth-to-lung vaping